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The term ’empowered Woman’ has it is origins in a movement that is no longer relevant in the society of today. In actuality, the term ‘feminist’ comes up in discussions. ‘Feminist’ conjures up images of suffragettes, activists and protesters, often wearing men’s pants and tops, while fighting for the social and political reform on behalf of oppressed women. Their struggle for ice and equality paved the way for future generations of women. And they honored and will be remembered. The Empowerment of Women in Legislation and Policy-Making The expression ‘Empowerment of Women’ is the nomenclature used now to cover gender equality reform, or ‘the point when both men and women realize their full potential’ Women’s Empowerment: Measuring the Global Gender Gap. There was a growing awareness that enabling women would increase equality. However, progress has been slow as enabling women tackles the very heart of the patriarchal society.

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And the statistics remain depressing. According to The Economist, in the Western World, ‘only 2percent of the directors of Fortune 500 companies and five of those in the FTSE 100 stock market index are women and make up less than 13 percent of board members in America’. Along with a 2010 Women comics survey revealed that ‘In the top 101 US companies’ women comprise  15 percent of executive committee members and  7 percent 26 in European top 101 companies. In Asia the figure is only 3 percent’ More than 50 percent of the companies from the S and 100 have no female representation in their highest paid executive positions. And even worse, Apple, Intel, Exxon and Citigroup are among the significant American companies with no women on their Executive Committee. The More Compelling Component into the Term ‘Empowerment of Women’

For thousands and thousands of us, it is the aphorism for women that are discovering and re-igniting their instinctive and inherent suppressed female worth; these values which epitomize the inner strength we must endure anything tragedy, hardship, heartbreak, loss and hardship Along with the potency to cherish, to cultivate, to nurture, to love. In our teens and Twenties we dream about the women we hope to become, but through our 30’s, 40’s, and 50s’ a pivotal event transpires that activates our internal female worth: it could be anything from adsense’ we have that there needs to be more to life and to user a realization that nothing is working anymore or it might be quite a significant life altering nuclear episode; or a succession of moments which add up to an epiphany. When we acknowledge and we take that Rio Largo Noticias by igniting our feminine values we are capable of beating anything that life throws at us, we begin the transition into becoming an Empowered Woman.